Optional kTeams Program Extensions


Many organizations would like to integrate the kTeams program into a larger program to prepare and support their scale-up for a US market entry. kTeams would be happy to support any programs in your home country to train, prepare and/or select your scale-ups for the kTeams core program in Boston, or even help you design such a program. We are ready to send experts from the Boston ecosystem to your country!

A popular model is to organize a US market entry venture competition, with the winners being invited to the kTeams core program in Boston. This gives you the opportunity to select the best companies, and in the process provide training to participants that are not yet ready for the US.

Click here for an example showing the role played by eTeams, the predecessor of kTeams, as part of the MIT Portugal program in collaboration with the BGI program in Europe.

As an option,  kTeams also offers a customized extension of the kTeams program in Boston for organizations that have special requirements.

Please contact the organizers at organizers@kendall-teams.com for your special requests.