Comparing kTeams with a typical 2-week Boston boot camp program

kTeams Program Boot Camp Program
Company Maturity Designed for scale-ups that already have traction in their home markets Aimed at early stage start-ups and beginning entrepreneurs
Number of Participants Max 12 companies, which is a basis for building strong personal relationships Larger number of participants, making it difficult to provide individual support
Preparation prior to arrival in Boston Organizers start working with the participating teams prior to their travel to Boston, so they will hit the ground running upon arrival No interaction before the program starts in Boston
Making kTeams the US extension of your existing programs Several organizations integrate kTeams with their existing programs, giving them the possibility to offer scale-ups the opportunity to explore the US market. As an option, kTeams is also able to provide in-country support for optimizing  programs No interaction before the program starts in Boston
Hands-on Approach Mostly small group and individual working sessions, preparing for the one-on-one meetings Mostly class room sessions
Overall Strategy Review Focus on market positioning, value proposition and the underlying strategy as the basis for an effective pitch Only focusing on the format of the pitch
Productive Demo Event Exclusive Demo Event attended by personal contacts of the organizers Public Demo-Event with varying quality of companies and guests
Effective Ecosystem Introductions The organizing team get to know the participating companies really well, and are therefore comfortable making effective introductions to potential investors, partners and customers they know Organizers do not get to know the participating companies and their strategies thoroughly and may therefore be hesitant to make personal introductions for one-on-one meetings
Tangible Results Participants establish many strategic relationships and return home with a sharpened US market strategy and an optimized US pitch Participants return home with a Certificate
Post-Program Support After the program the organizing team follows up with the participating companies to discuss next steps No further action