The total fee for the selected participants for the 2 week market exploration immersion program, including preparation program and debriefing session, will be

 For each company team
(including one team member)
    $ 6,400
 Additional team members per person
(if more than one additional team member: subject to available spaces)
    $ 3,400
Observers from organizations that are sponsoring teams per person
(subject to available spaces)
    $ 3,400
  • Upon selection by the Kendall Teams partners 50% of the registrion fee is due. The remainder is to be paid one week before the start of the program.
  • Fees are non-refundable, but organizations can propose a qualified replacement team.
  • No fees are due for candidate companies who are not accepted
  • Travel and lodging expenses are the responsibility of  the participants, or their sponsoring organization