Almost 100 emerging companies from Europe and Canada have participated in kTeams and eTeams, its predecessor when it was an MIT program. Here is a selection of their testimonials.

Additional testimonials are currently being collected.

Organizations that send their scale-ups to kTeams

SETsquared, United Kingdom

SETsquared logo


Karen Brooks, Program Director

SETsquared is committed to supporting startups accelerate their growth and often the US can be a strategic market for tech businesses. The kTeams programme is brilliant. It helps scale-ups develop their business proposition for the US market and introduce them to key customers and partners giving them an accelerated start to break into the US.

Design Terminal, Hungary


Dorottya Gál, Program Director

kTeams was the most efficient US program where we have taken our teams. The expertise, range of experience and market knowledge of the organizers was extraordinary, not to mention their invaluable network connections, not only in Boston, but also globally. Besides the very strong training content, they gave the teams a lot of individual attention. And if this wasn’t already outstanding, the location (the CIC, Cambridge Innovation Center) was the best choice for venue, where our teams had the opportunity to meet local entrepreneurs & participate in events. 

Some companies that participated in kTeams, or its predecessor program

Jasa, Netherlands

Sandra Pannekeet, Co-Owner/CFO
kTeams Fall 2017

Our 2 weeks in Boston with KTeams really gave us a boost in taking our business to the United States. They gave us many opportunities to get in touch with a diversity of contacts. We received great feedback on our strategies and came home with the feeling we needed to finish our business case as soon as possible. They helped and convinced us to start in the US and showed us many important subjects to think about. KTeams is a very professional and helpful organization to work with

Sensius, Netherlands

Paul van den Biggelaar, CEO
kTeams Fall 2017

We are still very excited about the program in Boston: it taught us to think “bigger”, to set audacious goals and present ourselves in a much more succinct and attractive way. We will take action to incorporate this in our strategy and presentation.

MgAubel, Netherlands

Marc Goedkoop, Founder
kTeams Fall 2017

During two weeks kTeams has facilitated our first steps in the Bostonian market place. This caused a boost for our team that resulted in further focus and incremental drive for growth acceleration. Many thanks for these inspiring weeks.

Neurocast, Netherlands

Erwin Redeman, Co-Founder
kTeams Fall 2017

Over the two weeks with kTeams we’ve sharpened both our business proposition as well as our pitch to VC’s. Besides that, we have been introduced to several industry leaders in the Boston area resulting in three concrete sales opportunities. Many thanks for the inspiring and professional setting. 

NewCompliance, Netherlands

Menno van Rossum, US Director
kTeams Fall 2017

My time with kTeams in Boston was great to obtain a lot of exposure to the professional Healthcare and VC environment of Boston. The team gave me valuable feedback on our proposition and helped me to get a fresh perspective on strategic next steps required for our company. I went home better informed and ready to start executing those next steps, both in Europe as well as in the US. I am looking forward to seeing them again soon in Boston, as part of those plans.

Fresh Relevance, United Kingdom

Mike Austin, CEO
kTeams 2016
We have been running for over 3 years and over that time, our product has become much more sophisticated. However, the messaging and presentation has become more complex too. The mentors helped me to strip our marketing message back to the essentials, focusing on value and differentiators. We how have messaging which is much clearer, shorter and better, not just for the USA market, but better for use worldwide.

Leopoly, Hungary


Zoltan Karpati, CEO
kTeams 2016
Participating in kTeams made us leap forward with respect to establishing our business in the US market, The guidance and encouragements by the kTeams organizers helped me presenting to American audiences. kTeams experts helped us strengthen our market strategy and pitch. To top it all off, upon  valuable personal introductions by kTeams we had several meetings with key players in our target industries while we were in Boston.

MobiRev, Italy

eTeams 2014

“Figata Pazzesca” – it has to be lived

O2MC, Netherlands

Stefan de Kraker, COO
eTeams 2014

The program brought us many practical insights, we now use in our day-to-day operations.

Sensefinity, Portugal

eTeams 2014

One week in Kendall Square is like 3 weeks in Silicon Valley

Powzy, Switzerland

eTeams 2014

In two weeks we achieved more than what we could achieve in Switzerland in six months ….



Hans Constandt, CEO
eTeams 2013

Participating in the eTeams program had a significant impact on the success of ONTOFORCE today. Not only did we get access to an impressive network and learned a lot about how to do business in the US, it also helped us assess the status of our company in multiple dimensions, ranging from marketing, finance, pricing, technology readiness to Human Resources. We, as senior management learned a lot about how to successfully bring our company to the next level. We set the pricing and business plans for the next stage of our company during the sessions in Boston. 


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